Every Project is unique and will inevitably require a few custom tailored solutions to suit your needs. With your goals in mind, we can draft systems in CAD and ensure that restrictive parameters and chassis constraints are accounted for. from Hydraulic lift platforms to entry steps, each solution is created to ensure that it will stand unto the rigors of continuous overland travel.

We are only offering these services on a case by case basis and only in conjunction with full custom builds.

Due to the nature of our work, all sales are final.
Deposits are non-refundable.


This Truck’s owner needed the capability to haul motorcycles, spare tire and extra space for gear/tools. with an adjustable underside crash bar for on/offroad modes.

Tire Carriers

In order to safely raise, lower and stow these heavy spare tires, we needed a solution that utilized a davit system and proper laid distribution against the rear wall panel.


If anyone has ever ridden in an FMTV, they are aware of how loud they are. once you cut a hole in the rear wall, that volume amplifies tenfold. here’s a cab side and habitat side passthrough door sequence.


This Habitat has a full exoskeleton that wraps and protects the corners of the habitat from branch impacts. It also serves as an awning, Auxiliary lighting protector, solar array mounting and viewing/utility platform on the roof.

Bumper integrated winch

This enable protection and security for your winch.

Frame Extensions

A frame extension may be required to allow for towing capability, mounting of hydraulic systems and preventing cantilever effect with longer habitation boxes.

This lightweight aluminum stair design stows away underneath of the habitat and within the subframe structure.