A properly designed subframe mounting system is a vital structural component that joins your habitation box to the chassis of your expedition truck. We’ve developed 4 point torsion isolating mounting system for LMTV and FMTV platforms, Unimog, MTVR, Freightliner, Kenworth, SeaGrave, etc. these allow the chassis to twist and flex in off-road scenarios. These same principles of design can be adapted to work for your specific chassis

For chassis cab series vehicles such as F550/Ram 5500/E450 type vehicles, most of the time a captured spring system is more than adequate and eliminates point load stressing that pivoting systems can introduce.

All of our mounting systems are designed around chassis parameters and Typically can always utilize factory frame rail perforations for proper attachment.

** Subframe mounting systems should NEVER be welded directly to a chassis’ frame rails as this can drastically affect the strength and integrity of the steel which has a high likelihood in leading to cracking and failure. ** -Logic

These systems allow the chassis to reach its maximum articulation potential while maintaining a torsion free connection to eliminate stresses from transferring to the camper body. This allows for the truck to be used to its true capability; without restriction or fear of causing damage to the habitation unit. We are currently offering a few variations of kits. Send us a message and we can help you start your build!